The world of Idtüm is not the average world found in a typical fantasy setting (although many of the hallmarks will be found here). Some of the primary distinguishing features are: Twin Suns, Three Moons and yearlong seasons. The planet orbits a binary star cluster, one star being tinged a slightly more red color while the other is more yellow in tint. The three moons overhead are perfectly spherical, one being grey, the next is slightly smaller and blue with whipping white patterns that change daily. The last one being white in color, orbits the blue one. Some Wizards have postulated that the Blue Moon is another planet with its own moon, but the common man will typically disregard such nonsense.

The seasons are often hard for the people of Idtüm to handle. Being determined by the positions of the Twin Suns overhead, each season lasts about one year. The winters are particularly bad though, as many creatures go into a state of torpor for the winter. But the real trouble is when the winter creatures who lay in torpor for the mild and hotter years awake. The regions of the world farthest north typically have to deal with one of the more gruesome of these creatures, the giant pale bears, receiving their name from their shear enormity (often two to three times the size of a grizzly) and their white fur. But also lurking in the yearlong snow are massive centipede like insects that breathe fire, who come out of their deep underground homes to hunt topside. Even they are not the top of the food chain as the winter is often called ‘The Year of The Dragon’ for good reason. High winter and high summer are also times of famine in most parts of the world and often lead to wars between the more desperate tribes of humanity, who failed to store proper amounts of food.

The planet is covered in rich cultures that mirror many of those found on Earth, but hidden in the familiar, awaits the alien, buried for the explorer to discover. Each setting of Idtüm has its own unique weapons, armor, and even their own forms of magic. Though, endemic of the whole of Idtüm is that it is particularly rough with characters in its own way, as there are many more things that may hinder them. The setting features expanded rules for starvation, dehydration, diseases and poisons as well as expanded environmental effects as well. But to be fair, ways of overcoming these obstacles are also provided with things like an expanded Alchemy System and various new abilities. Enjoy.

The World of Idtüm